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About Emerald Royal Trading Company

Welcome to the Emerald Royal Trade Company. We are a Mature/Heavy-RP courier guild based out of Stormwind. Our roleplay consists mostly of gritty-survivalism/travel with emphasis on complete realism. Since realism and immersion is our main prioritiy, there are some preliminary rules below that you will have to acknowledge before reading the "official rules" on our forums. With that said, if we interested you at all, feel free to apply and let an officer know! 

Officers; Isenramm, Dietriche

-Level 15+ (Except for member alts.)
-Age 17+ (While age does not define your level of RP, it will definitely help us weed out the crazies.)
-Heavy Trade RP with standards on public appearance and activity. 
-Willingness to participate in RP with guild/clients. We are a heavy rp guild on a casual schedle! (don't mistake it for laidback), we all have lives and our goal is to deliver quality RP at managable times! 
-Must pass OOC interview/application. 
-Maturity in both IC and OOC context.
-Get GHI and MRP! (If you're computer can't handle GHI, please let us know in application). 

How we work.
-The courier business involves a lot of adventure into the wilderness: this is where your creative side and your sense of realism comes to play as we survive the swamps, forests, and mountains of World of Warcraft. 
-We mainly cater to other guilds/clients who are looking for RP. But when that isn’t happening, we create our own RP by doing what people in our trade would do: courier-work, shipping, delivering. (Various "Jobs" highlighted in the forums).
- We focus 35% on the forums and 65% in-game as most of our records/jobs are posted online. Therefore, forum participation is encouraged. 


As you exit the innhouse in Elwynn you notice a group of people mounted on goats and horses walking into the town square. They look exhausted and a few are slumped in their saddles. The horses and goats seem piled with various cargo; crates, sacks, and jugs of liquid hang from the saddles. You notice the crates riddled with deeply burrowed arrows. You move out near the street to get a better veiw as they unsaddle and begin to unload the cargo. You think bandits maybe, or hired swordsmen? Little do you realize they are much more than mere mercenaries. They each have a dark emerald green tabard with the form of a narrow, simple white bird on it. As they finish unloading and head toward the gates of Stormwind you get a glance at a crate. A tag reads, "To: Lion's Pride Inn, Elwynn Forest  From: Thelsamar, loch Modan || FRAGILE || The Emerald Royal Trading Company"


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